west coast

I could sit here & go on for days about how much this place means to me and how much I adore it but I wouldn't be able to stop typing so I'll just let the images speak for themselves. <3 

^^ I stayed at the sweetest, most magical AirBnB home. Here is the link to the house.. If you are ever in the area. You HAVE to stay here. The room at the top with the all glass windows was my favorite... opening the windows in the morning hearing the birds chirp & the warm breeze was amazing.. not to mention the ocean/mountain views that you could see from the top... <3 // https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/328988


I am so happy my sweet cousin Andi came to join me for my first couple days here. She is a JEM and my favorite travel buddy. We took a road trip this past summer out west so this time around we made sure to visit all our favorite spots. <3  ( aka our privet beach in Laguna.. its the best!) 

every morning. thank you toms. <3 

this is my sweet friend of over 9 years... i just adore her and her free spirited soul. xx 

the most perfect sunsets every night.